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Universal Card Reader Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®
Are Card Reader Misreads Causing Frustration?
Correct misreads with a simple swipe of the Waffletechnology® Card Reader Cleaning Card.

Ideal Cleaning On

Smart Card/POS Readers


When card readers fail, it slows down your lines, reduces customer satisfaction, causes customers to walk away or limits your access. Card readers accumulate dust, dirt and oil from the environment. These contaminants build up on the sensitive contact pins which allow communication between the credit card and the card reader; keeping these card reader contact pins clean is essential to the equipment's ability to read information from the card. Over time, accumulated dirt will cause misreads, which can frustrate customers. The Universal Card Reader Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology® is designed with a curved end to clean the read pins located inside all smart card or EMV (chip and pin) terminals and a straight edge to clean magnetic stripe readers (MSR). This versatile dual component design increases the range of equipment that can be cleaned. The unique cleaning waffles come in contact with the leading, top and trailing edges of magnetic read heads and read/write pins. This product removes dirt and debris from these critical components, keeping your card readers performing as designed. Available in Boxes of 20 Cleaning Cards

How Waffletechnology® Works

Waffletechnology is an advancement in cleaning card technology. The cleaning waffles are flexible, raised platforms which allow the card to thoroughly clean areas within the card reader. Now more dirt and contaminants are removed than ever before, leaving your card reader cleaner and more reliable.
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