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Bixolon Waffletechnology Thermal Printer Cleaning Card
Faded Receipts Difficult for Your Customers to Read?
Increase the legibility of your receipts with a simple cleaning.

Ideal Cleaning On

Bixolon SRP-350plus/SLP-T400 Thermal Printers

ATMs with motorized card readers add convenience for customers in bank branches around the world. When the ATM is not reading cards properly, the income and convenience fails. The main reason for ATM failures is dirty card readers. The ATM Encoded Cleaning Card is designed to trigger ATM sentry gates so that this simple and effective product can enter into the motorized card reader and effectively clean the read heads. With this product, approximately 80% of read failures can be corrected without having to open the unit, reducing the ATM downtime from hours to seconds. Available in Boxes of 10 Cleaning Cards

How Waffletechnology® Works

Waffletechnology is an advancement in cleaning card technology. The cleaning waffles are flexible, raised platforms which allow the card to thoroughly clean areas within the card reader. Now more dirt and contaminants are removed than ever before, leaving your card reader cleaner and more reliable.
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