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Impreso, Inc. is the holding company of TST/Impreso, Inc. (TST), a manufacturer and distributor to dealers and other resellers of various paper and film products for commercial and home use in domestic and international markets; Hotsheet.com, Inc., the owner of Hotsheet.com, an online web portal and directory; and Alexa Springs, Inc. a natural spring water bottling subsidiary. The primary operating company, TST, was founded in 1976. TST operates in the hard copy supply market, which encompasses those products used with a hard copy output or "imaging" device. Products include: Continuous Computer paper, Point of Sale/Add Rolls, Wide Format Engineering Rolls and Inkjet Media, Desktop Inkjet papers, High Speed Laser Roll papers, Transparencies, Processed Laser cut sheets, Thermal Fax paper and Copy paper. TST manufactures and distributes its products under its own Impreso label, generic labels and private labels. TST operates out of five facilities and public warehouse locations throughout the United States. Impreso, Inc.'s newest wholly owned subsidiary is Alexa Springs, Inc. which bottles natural spring water in the Quachita Mountains near Mt Ida, Arkansas and in Oregon Trail, Oregon. Alexa Springs, Inc. produces one-half liter bottles packaged in a 24 count case for distribution by TST/Impreso, Inc.

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Our marketing material provides the most comprehensive and complete overview of cleaning cards and other technical cleaning products. To obtain branded product flyers, select the equipment from the list of industries below.