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Key Cleaning Swab
Keys Sticking Down or Just Plain Dirty?
Easily clean debris from keyboard surfaces including in between and around keys.

Ideal Cleaning On

Keyboards: Swabs

Telephone Keys: Swabs

Calculator Keys: Swabs

Keyboards are one of the most used pieces of equipment in this computer age. Nearly every task is entered into systems where accuracy is essential, especially to share vital information. Ever look at your own keyboard? Through use, spills and environmental dust and debris, keyboards take a lot of abuse. Like every vital piece of equipment, keeping them clean and functioning is important to eliminate errors due to sticking keys. Key Cleaning Swabs are designed to remove these contaminants quickly. Safe and effective, this product has a compact head to clean between the keys. The IPA solution will remove even the most stubborn of messes and kill germs in the process. Available in Boxes of 25 Swabs
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