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EZ Printer/Copier/Fax Cleaner Sheet
More Lines Than Print on Your Finished Page?
Feeds like paper but cleans like a wipe, the simplest way to clean your equipment.

Ideal Cleaning On



Fax Machines

Printers, copiers and fax machines accumulate paper flash, dirt and debris, as well as pollutants from the environment. These contaminants cause poor or illegible prints, copies and faxes. EZ Printer/Copier/Fax Cleaner Sheets are designed to remove built-up paper flash and contaminants from multiple types of printers (including inkjet, laser and dot matrix), copiers, and fax machines. These cleaner sheets will clean the paper path and rollers within the equipment, helping to extend the life of toner and ink cartridges. When used as a consistent maintenance product (each time you change toner or ink cartridge), this product will keep your equipment performing as designed. Available in Envelopes of 5 Cleaner Sheets

How Cleaning Cards Work

Cleaning card technology allows for a thorough cleaning of transaction devices, such as card and check readers, receipt printers and bill validators, without costly outside technical assistance. Used as preventive maintenance or to quickly correct device errors, these products remove dirt and other contaminants that inhibit the device from working properly.
Each transaction device requires specific cleaning products. Choose the right product for your device for proper maintenance.
Find out how to maintain all of your transaction equipment: POS Credit / Debit Card Readers | Pay at the Pump Receipt Printers | ATMs | Lottery Ticket Readers | Check Readers | Bill Acceptors / Validators | Touch Screen Monitors and Many More.