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ATM Encoded Cleaning Card
When Your ATM is Off-line How Does it Effect Your Income?
Reduce down-time of ATMs and maintain income from transaction fees with a simple cleaning card.

Ideal Cleaning On

ATMS with Automated Insertion

ATMs with motorized card readers add convenience for customers in bank branches around the world. When the ATM is not reading cards properly, the income and convenience fails. The main reason for ATM failures is dirty card readers. The ATM Encoded Cleaning Card is designed to trigger ATM sentry gates so that this simple and effective product can enter into the motorized card reader and effectively clean the read heads. With this product, approximately 80% of read failures can be corrected without having to open the unit, reducing the ATM downtime from hours to seconds. Available in Boxes of 10 Cleaning Cards

How Cleaning Cards Work

Cleaning card technology allows for a thorough cleaning of transaction devices, such as card and check readers, receipt printers and bill validators, without costly outside technical assistance. Used as preventive maintenance or to quickly correct device errors, these products remove dirt and other contaminants that inhibit the device from working properly.
Each transaction device requires specific cleaning products. Choose the right product for your device for proper maintenance.
Find out how to maintain all your transaction equipment: Credit / Debit Card Readers | Currency Counters | ATMs | Receipt Printers | Check Scanners / Readers | Touch Screen Monitors | Keyboards | Many More.