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EZ Screen Wipes - Dual Wet/Dry Solution Wipes
Sensitive Touch Screens Need Sensitive Cleaning Solutions.
The EZ Screen Wipe has the cleaning solution for your screens.

Ideal Cleaning On

Computer Screens

LCD and Plasma TV Screens

Touch Screens are not glass computer monitors but plasma sensors that respond to the touch of a finger. These monitors are sensitive to static and attract more dust then normal glass screens. Also from repeated use oils from fingertips will build up. Mixing with dust in the air can inhibit the ease of which they function. EZ Screen Wipes are a two part pouch. The first is a wet wipe with a cleaning solution recommended by touch screen manufacturers. This solution will not damage the screen like normal house hold window cleaners. The second wipe is a soft dry wipe to remove any excess solution from the monitor. The best time to clean any touch screen is first thing in the morning prior to turning it on. The monitor is cool and you can avoid streaking the surface as you clean. Available in boxes of 25 units (A unit contains one wet and one dry wipe).
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