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Multi-Surface Clean Swab
Avoid Equipment Failures With Detailed Maintenance to Remove Dirt and Pollutants!
Cleaning hard to reach surfaces just became easier, including lenses, print heads and much more.

Ideal Cleaning On

Print Heads: Swabs

Ribbon Transfer: Swabs

Transaction equipment needs to be properly maintained to function as it was designed. Each time it's used, dirt, oils and air pollutants enter into the equipment. These contaminants need to be removed on a regular basis to keep your transactions moving. Multi-Surface Clean Swabs are designed to remove these contaminants quickly when a thorough cleaning is necessary. Safe and effective, the soft foam head and proprietary cleaning solution is a great combination for even the most stubborn contaminants. This product is safe enough to remove inks from sensitive optical lenses yet durable enough to clean dirt from thermal print heads. It is a superb compliment to the regular use of cleaning cards. Available in Boxes of 50 Swabs
Find out how to maintain all of your transaction equipment: POS Credit / Debit Card Readers | Pay at the Pump Receipt Printers | ATMs | Lottery Ticket Readers | Check Readers | Bill Acceptors / Validators | Touch Screen Monitors and Many More.