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EZ Thermal Printer Cleaning Pens
Broken or Faded Bar Codes?
Keep Your Print Heads Clean for Crisp and Clear Prints.

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Thermal Print Heads: Pens

Direct Transfer Printers: Pens

Ribbon Transfer Printers: Pens

Thermal Printers accumulate dirt, paper flash, adhesive residue from label and paper stock as well as the pollutants in the environment. The high temperature of the print head will turn these accumulated particles into a burnt crust which causes imperfections in the print. These imperfections create illegible receipts or cause barcode and optic scanners to misread the information. If not properly cared for, the print head will continue to burn more contaminates in a layer like fashion until it becomes a "dead head". EZ Thermal Printer Cleaning Pens are designed for cleaning accessible thermal print heads. Cleaning the print head in a back & forth motion to remove dirt and debris from the print head will extend the life of the print head and maintain a readable image. These pens are excellent for intermittent cleaning during the printing process and at time of media change. These pens are a reusable product. Available in boxes of 12 pens.
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