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Lucky Stripe Waffletechnology Bill Acceptor Cleaning Card
Are Your Bill Acceptors Rejecting More Money Than They Accept?
Remove built-up dirt for increased acceptance in seconds.

Ideal Cleaning On

Vending Machines

Change Machines

Payment Acceptors

Vending machines take the brunt of some very unpleasant conditions. A good many are positioned outside in the elements where dirt, smog, salts and acid rain can make their way into the acceptor's internal lenses and transport mechanisms. This is compounded by the fact that money itself carries dirt and oils directly into the acceptor. Manufacturers of bill acceptor equipment recognize these factors and recommend cleaning their devices. The Lucky Stripe Waffletechnology Bill Acceptor Cleaning Card was developed in concert with bill acceptor OEMs, offering almost universal acceptance. This product will clean bill acceptors of built-up dirt, oils and other contaminants that constantly assault the critical optic lenses within the units, keeping them performing as designed. Available in Boxes of 15 Cleaning Cards

How Waffletechnology® Works

Waffletechnology is an advancement in cleaning card technology. The cleaning waffles are flexible, raised platforms which allow the card to thoroughly clean areas within the card reader. Now more dirt and contaminants are removed than ever before, leaving your card reader cleaner and more reliable.
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