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Waffletechnology Smart Card Reader Cleaning Card
Time Card Readers Failing to Read Employee Cards?
Correct misreads with a simple swipe of the Waffletechnology® Smart Card Reader Cleaning Card.

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Time Card Readers

Smart Card Readers

Time and Attendance Card Readers read the magnetic stripe on your employees time card. These card readers accumulate the dust and dirt particles that are in every environment, some more than others, depending on the location of the card reader. Over time this accumulated dirt will cause misreads and leave the employee and the payroll manager frustrated from inaccurate misreads. The Waffletechnology Card Reader Cleaning Card is designed to remove the dirt from the sensitive read heads inside the card reader. In addition, because of the unique cleaning waffles, dirt is also removed from the pathways of the card reader. This prevents the next time badge used from moving dirt back on to the read head from within the reader itself. Regular cleaning will help avoid future misreads on employee time cards. Available in boxes of 40

How Waffletechnology® Works

Waffletechnology is an advancement in cleaning card technology. The cleaning waffles are flexible, raised platforms which allow the card to thoroughly clean areas within the card reader. Now more dirt and contaminants are removed than ever before, leaving your card reader cleaner and more reliable.
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