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We believe innovation and growth go hand-in-hand with long-held ideals such as collaboration, integrity and accountability to deliver value for our customers. At Eagle Direct, everything we do has one goal - to help our customers achieve their goals. And today, more banks, credit unions and item processing companies are improving their bottom-line results by connecting with their customers in more meaningful ways. New lines of business including check scanning equipment, teller training services and new ecowise products are fueling our growth in 2010 and beyond. Insights & Innovation. We provide our customers the know-how and tools they need to keep pace in a quickly-evolving marketplace. Corporate Citizenship. As a company driven by core values, our employees demonstrate a commitment to our customers, our community and our planet in every facet of our operation.

Marketing Material Information Center

Our marketing material provides the most comprehensive and complete overview of cleaning cards and other technical cleaning products. To obtain branded product flyers, select the equipment from the list of industries below.